Connections with Local Communities

We’d like to contribute to regional revitalization through participation in various local activities and provision of services.

As a member of the communities where our divisions and sales offices are located, we not only contribute to the community through the provision of services, but also actively participate in and sponsor local events, organize study groups and other events, and engage in community activities to enhance the value of the community.

Shizuoka and Tokai Area

LTS has been operating in Shizuoka Prefecture since its inception in 2002, and currently has a team of consultants and IT engineers who work closely with members in each office to provide a wide range of services including strategy development, business reform, IT implementation and operation, and HR-related services. LTS is also actively recruiting new employees to help establish local business in the Shizuoka and Tokai areas.

Kansai Division

In 2017, we launched our Kansai Division and began providing support in the Kansai area in earnest. Currently, we have an office in Osaka and our community-based members provide optimal services to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of their industries.

Hiroshima area

We have started supporting public projects in Hiroshima Prefecture from 2021. We are promoting initiatives through public-private partnerships with the aim of solving industrial, regional, and social issues and creating innovation.

Pro bono activities

We’d like to use our business skills to help NPOs/NGOs solve their problems.

Pro bono has been paid attention as a new form of social contribution that makes use of the skills and knowledge of business people. We are working with the certified NPO Service Grant, one of the pioneers that have popularized pro bono in Japan, to support problem solving for public interest groups such as NPOs.

LTS Family Day

We’d like to think and act together with children under the theme of social issues, and “expand the possibilities of children”.

LTS regularly holds a “Family Day” to invite our family members to the workplace. By having our family see our workplace and having them get to know the place that we work and the people who we work with, through events, we pass our daily gratitude to our families. Also, holding a workshop on the theme of social issues, we will think together about how we can contribute to problem solving by getting involved in the problems that are occurring in society.

Visiting lectures at universities

We’d like to contribute to the development of the human resources that society will need in the future.

We support the human resources developments for students who will play an active role in society. With a focus on business process management, we deliver onsite lectures at universities on various themes, such as workshops where the students can actually experience consulting work, or the lectures on the theme how to build a corporate system that can respond to future human resources and changes that are indispensable for companies in the digital age, where the environment is changing rapidly,.

Accept workplace visits

We, LTS, accept junior high and high school students to visit workplace. We provide an opportunity to introduce LTS’s business and job descriptions and let them know “how we relate to society” and “the significance and joy of working”. In addition, we aim to help students develop their careers by giving them an opportunity to think about what they want to do in the future and what they need to do now to achieve it.

Cooperation with other organizations

We’d like to collaborate with public bodies, educational institutions, companies, etc. to create new innovations.

In collaboration with public organizations, educational institutions, and companies, we are engaged in a wide range of activities, such as exchange meetings, various study groups, and joint research. Through these activities, we will create new “possibilities” and “innovations” and contribute to the creation of new “values” for society.