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Information Security Basic Policy

We as the company have established the basic policy for information security as blow.

LTS Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary [LTS Link Co., Ltd. ] (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) recognized that ensuring information security is an important management issue in order to carry out business activities safely and smoothly, have formulated the “Information Security Basic Policy” here as a guideline for protecting our information assets, and are promoting efforts to prevent security incidents and accidents, and to implement continuous information security measures.

1. The information assets we cover

The information assets it covers are information (e.g. documents, know-how and intellectual property), data and information systems, networks, equipment and facilities owned or operated and managed by the company, everything we deem necessary to perform our business no matter whether tangible or intangible. In addition, information entrusted to us by customers is also included in our information assets.

2. Maintaining information security

Information security means to keep maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, and the company will implement organizationally and technically appropriate information security measures.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

The company will endeavor to comply with all laws, regulations, etc. that apply to information security that we implement.

4. Implementation of education and training on information security

The company will provide necessary education and training so that our executives and employees are fully aware of the importance of information assets.

5. Continuous improvement

The company will regularly evaluate and review this “Information Security Basic Policy”, related regulations and management system, and strive to continuously improve information security.

Date of Enactment April 1, 2005
Date of Revision May 1, 2014
LTS, Inc.
Hiroaki Kabashima, President and Representative Director