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As a partner in collaborative creation, we do not just support digitization,
but also help clients acquire and strengthen business agility and support management,
business, and organizational operations in the digital era.

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The important themes for transformation that LTS considers

Image: Business Process Management

Business Process Management

In the midst of a drastically changing business environment, business process management is now a concept that is attracting renewed attention. Until now, the primary motivation for companies to engage in business process management has been to maintain and improve the quality of operations in the field. However, in the current changes surrounding corporate management, business process management is required to play not only this role in the past, but also a new role adapted to the changing environment.

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Image: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

DX refers to a “phenomenon” in which the whole society has been changed due to digitalization. As digital technology advances day by day and continues to change society, what companies need is to organize their daily reform activities to change themselves in response to social changes, to accumulate experiences, and to acquire the ability to transform ourselves autonomously and sustainably. For companies, DX refers to the never-ending transformational activities for the future.

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Image: Business Agility

Business Agility

Business agility is a term that refers to organizational capabilities that enable companies to adapt quickly the changes in the external environment. This new term of power is now attracting attention in order for companies to grow continuously in an uncertain business environment. In order to realize this ability to respond to changes, an optimal organizational form, human (= leader) behavior, and the role of management are necessary.

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Image: Transformation by Middle-up

Transformation by Middle-up

In today’s world of constant change, traditional transformation models are no longer working. In order to respond to this situation, we are proposing reform activities centered on the “middle”. “Middle” refers to general managers and section managers who are in the middle of an organization such as a company. Middle is the unique management layer working as the intermediary who can directly deliver opinions to the “top management layer” who is responsible for the core of decision-making in the current organization, and at the same time, they can actually come into contact with customers, products and service provision sites layer.

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