Health and Productivity Management

LTS started health management initiatives in 2020 in order to support the maintenance and improvement of employees’ health as a company.

Health management declaration

LTS Co., Ltd. believes that the “well-being” of employees (being in a good physical, mental and social state) is the foundation for sustainable corporate growth. For 20 years from founding , we have being working with our fundamental which is to provide value and to contribute to our stakeholders based on the idea of Mitsuba to Yotsuba (want to make everyone involved happy). Employees are the source to create values. A healthy mind and body and a good relationship with family and friends are the foundations that enable us to take on many challenges at work. We place the well-being of our employees and their families as the most important management theme, and will work on it.

LTS Co., Ltd. President and CEO Hiroaki Kabashima

Our goals

Based on the business and organizational characteristics of LTS, we have set the goals for our initiatives.


Organizational Structure

Having the president and the director in charge of human resources the responsibility, and setting the human resources department as its promoter, we are promoting these activities in cooperation with industrial physicians, public health nurses, safety and health committees, and health insurance associations.


Activity Details

Disease prevention and health awareness

  • Health survey
  • Holding seminars
  • Expansion of internal and external consultation desks
  • Strengthening health-related welfare programs
  • Collaboration with industrial physicians and public health nurses
  • Supporting the payment costs of health checkup option menu, re-examination follow-up

Improvements of Diet/Sleep/Exercise

  • Holding seminars
  • In-house circles

Work Style Reform

  • Improving the office environment
  • Setting the recommended days for taking paid leave
  • Pro bono / side job support
  • Improvement of long working hours

Strengthen Self-Management

  • Introduction of 1on1 meeting, quality improvement
  • Establishment of in-house career counselors
  • Mentor system

Building and strengthening human relationships

  • Holding various social gatherings
  • Strengthen onboarding
  • Holding events for families
  • Visualization of employee information

Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion

By respecting individuality and making the most of diversity, we will create an organization where employees can fully demonstrate their potential.

Promoting active participation of women

At LTS, we are promoting initiatives aimed at creating a workplace where all employees can play active roles regardless of gender. In order to create such an environment where female employees can build long-term careers and work actively, we are implementing various initiatives such as support before and after taking maternity leave and a mentor system.

The current status of the promotion

  • Mentor system
    Supporting match-making with the employees who can be role models beyond their affiliation
  • Support before and after taking maternity leave
    Through regular interviews, etc., support for smooth return transition to work and promotion
  • Promoting men to take childcare leave
    Promote the taking of childcare leave not only for female employees, but also for male employees to contribute to the advancement of women
  • Establishment of a consultation desk exclusively for women
    Set up an in-house consultation desk “Workplace Consultation Café” to accept consultations unique to women
  • Holding events for female students
    In the recruitment activities of new graduates, we will implement a program (roundtable discussion) that helps them to prepare for their smooth life transition, such as how they can play an active role in line with the changes in life stages after joining the company, and what kind of support they have to realize a comfortable work environment.

Promoting the understanding of sexual diversity

We are actively engaged in activities related to sexual minorities in order to realize diversity and inclusion. In the workplace, there are many situations where sexual minorities feel uneasy and have difficulties. In order to create an organization that is close to the feelings of those concerned, we are working on promoting the understanding within the company, prohibiting discrimination, and establishing a consultation desk.

The current status of the promotion

  • Prohibition of harassment and discrimination
    Prohibition of speech and behavior related to sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as discriminatory speech and behavior and harassment that are suspected to fall under these, are stipulated in the employment regulations.
  • Establishment of a consultation desk for sexual minorities
    An in-house consultation desk “Workplace Counseling Café” to accept consultations on sexual minorities has been created.
  • Implementation of inclusion training
    Training on the theme of gender equality and sexual minorities has been implemented at the Kansai Division
  • Changing the gender description column of the recruitment application
    In the system entry field at the time of employment application, set items other than male and female for gender selection

How it will be done in the future

  • Company-wide training on the theme of gender equality and sexual minorities
  • Continuously hold study sessions on gender and diversity
  • Interacting and exchanging opinions with the parties concerned
  • Collaboration with related startups, etc.

Promoting active participation of global human resources

We are actively working to create an environment where diverse human resources can play active roles regardless of race or nationality. Several foreign employees are already enrolled and active.

Promotion of diverse work styles

We are deepening understanding of work-life management throughout the workplace and promoting the creation of a culture that accepts the diverse work styles of each individual. We have also established various systems to support employees in childcare and nursing care.

Attendance System

  • Flextime system
  • Discretionary labor system
  • Tele-work

Holidays & Vacation

  • Vacation, Annual holidays
  • Paid leave
  • Special accumulated leave
  • Special vacation
  • Self-improvement / volunteer leave

Life plan

  • Maternity leave before and after childbirth
  • Child nursing care leave
  • Childcare leave
  • Caregiver Leave
  • Short working hours system
  • Congratulatory or condolence money
  • Assistance payment for using babysitters

Other initiatives

Workers’ Sodan (Counseling) Cafe

We have set up a consultation desk to create an environment that is easy for employees to work.

Consultation/Inquiry example:

  • Problems in the workplace (mental and physical disorders, human relations in the workplace, balancing nursing care/childcare and work, harassment , foreign employees, LGBTQ+, SOGIE, etc.)
  • Women-related (menstrual leave, various things during pregnancy, leave before and after childbirth, hospital visits, hospital visits during working hours, commuting relaxation, breaks during work, measures to deal with symptoms, etc.)

Active participation of people with disabilities

In anticipation of hiring people with disabilities, we are collaborating using the Active Co-creation Project (

Human Resource Development

At LTS, we position human resource development as the most important management program, and conduct training according to rank, occupation, and theme based on our training system. In addition, putting our value on the long-term and wide-ranging support of individual careers (life), we support self-development, provide career counseling, and provide and subsidize opportunities to participate in outside activities .

Training support measures

  • OJT
  • 1on1
  • Mentor system

Training policy

  • Promotion training
  • Level-specific training
  • Training by theme
  • Training for new graduates
  • Training for mid- career hires

Self-development support

  • Learning support service ( e-learning)
  • Book lending
  • Book purchase assistance
  • Qualification acquisition support system
  • Training support (self-development support system)
  • Various study sessions

Career development support

  • Career counseling window
  • Career Link