We are your partner in helping to change your business, motivate your personnel, and realize your business strategy.

In addition to supporting the planning and designing of our customers’ strategies, structures, and systems,
LTS also builds structures and systems on the spot, involving people working on-site.
We work alongside our customers, drive their transformation and celebrate their achievements.

Image: Consulting


We support corporate transformation

  • Customer-oriented internal services to develop strategies and business models
  • Practical consulting to build strong foundations for operations, people, and IT

Image:Business process management

Business process management

We create business entities capable of responding to changes

  • Visualization of business processes
  • Planning of optimal methods for process improvements
  • Practical support for process execution
  • Process management organization and human resource development

Image: Digital transformation

Digital transformation

We lift companies to a new stage

  • Establish methods to utilize technology designed for our customers’ businesses based on our advanced technology research
  • Improvements to the value chain through IoT and data analysis
  • Incorporation of operational robots such as AI and RPA

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