Your Best Partner in the Digital Era

Not only supporting each transformation project,
But also, as your partner creating the people, businesses, and organizations that can respond to changes and open up the future,
We’d like to support the implementation of our customer’s transformation with services that go beyond the framework of consulting.

The important themes for transformation that LTS considers

LTS has a group mission of “Unleash Possibilities” and
aims to “believe in the potential of people and realize a free and lively human society”
Realizing such a society, the individuals who make up the society must be autonomous and
have the will and ability to act based on their own wills.

At LTS, with setting important themes for transformation, and by working with LTS,
we will support our customers in developing the will and ability to ultimately carry out activities on their own.

Image: Business Process Management

Business Process Management

In the midst of a drastically changing business environment, business process management is now a concept that is attracting renewed attention. Until now, the primary motivation for companies to engage in business process management has been to maintain and improve the quality of operations in the field. However, in the current changes surrounding corporate management, business process management is required to play not only this role in the past, but also a new role adapted to the changing environment.

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Image: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

DX refers to a “phenomenon” in which the whole society has been changed due to digitalization. As digital technology advances day by day and continues to change society, what companies need is to organize their daily reform activities to change themselves in response to social changes, to accumulate experiences, and to acquire the ability to transform ourselves autonomously and sustainably. For companies, DX refers to the never-ending transformational activities for the future.

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Image: Business Agility

Business Agility

Business agility is a term that refers to organizational capabilities that enable companies to adapt quickly the changes in the external environment. This new term of power is now attracting attention in order for companies to grow continuously in an uncertain business environment. In order to realize this ability to respond to changes, an optimal organizational form, human (= leader) behavior, and the role of management are necessary.

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transformation by middle-up

Transformation by Middle-up

In today’s world of constant change, traditional transformation models are no longer working. In order to respond to this situation, we are proposing reform activities centered on the “middle”. “Middle” refers to general managers and section managers who are in the middle of an organization such as a company. Middle is the unique management layer working as the intermediary who can directly deliver opinions to the “top management layer” who is responsible for the core of decision-making in the current organization, and at the same time, they can actually come into contact with customers, products and service provision sites. layer.

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LTS service domains

Through “support for transformation” of various organizations such as companies, government offices, and NPOs,
to help not only the growth of the organizations but also the growth of the individuals who belong to them,
we are offering to provide the services with the aim of realizing a “free and lively human society” for individuals.

Strategy & Innovation

Creating the non-continuous growth of organizations

Strategy & Innovation

As markets change quickly and existing business models quickly become obsolete, companies are under the pressure to keep creating new businesses constantly.
In such a world where changes happen constantly, it is no longer possible to carry out the strategic management in the past which has been executed by carefully analyzing the odds of success based on the analysis of past information and steadily executing plans. Business creation requires agile management that starts business quickly and revises the strategy while receiving feedback from customers. To this end, we need to build a management system such that it has a management information system to grasp the ever-changing business situation in real time, transfers authority to the front lines to encourage innovation, and at the same time ensures that risks are detected and controlled.
LTS’ strategy and innovation service will work together with our customers to try to create highly agile businesses and management organizations which are fit in the world of constant change.

Main Services
Business Strategy (Draw a picture of the future business)
Business Management (Establish a flexible and adjustable management system)
Management Transformation / Organizational Strategy (Identify and optimize organizational issues)
Image: Strategy & Innovation
Business Process & Technology

Discovering the real strength of workforce in the digital age

Business Process & Technology

“Power of field workforce”, which was once said to be Japan’s strength, is undergoing major changes. Robots and digital technology are increasingly automating operations, and the role of humans is shifting from the execution of operations to the management of business structures and reconstruction of business processes. In this context, it is necessary for the “field” to acquire various know-how, such as process management, data analytics, and the use of digital technology, that cannot be learned only through the experience of business execution, but through learning and implementation of reform programs.
LTS’ process & technology area services support the shift of capabilities required for organizations and human resources through transformation activities from all aspects such as data, business processes, and digital technology. We will develop our “power of field workforce”.

Main Services
Data Analytics & AI(Utilize suggesting indications being acqquired from data for management)
Business Process & Operation(Build a business process which is able to respond quickly to changes)
Digital Transformation(Bring the power of digitalization into management)
IT Service Management(Maximize the capabilities of existing IT infrastructure)
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Social & Public

Creating a foundation for creating a prosperous society

Social & Public

Today, all organizations, as members of society, have a social responsibility to realize a sustainable society. In order to realize this, it is necessary to consider society as a whole as stakeholders of the organization and to construct a new performance evaluation scale that transcends short-term economic rationality. Improving the operational capabilities of administrative organizations and NPOs and promoting public-private partnerships are also essential elements, but many of these organizations do not have sufficient know-how in utilizing technology and organizational transformation.
LTS’ social and public domain services will encourage companies to become involved in the realization of the SDGs, improve the operational capabilities of administrative organizations and NPOs, promote public-private partnerships, and together consider a path toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Main Services
Social Development: Social Business Creation(Create businesses to realize a prosperous society)
Public-Private Partnership (Create greater value by combining the power of the public and private sectors)
Sustainable Transformation: Administrative Management(Raising social infrastructure through administrative innovation)
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