Digital transformation

We provide new methods suitable for our clients, such as research and technical verification tailored for their business, and help them streamline their operations through process automation using AI and RPA necessary for the digital shift in management.

  • Image:Technology research

    Technology research

    We support market-size estimation and competition analysis based on our research on advanced technology as well as the construction of business models and introduction of advanced technology.

  • Image:Advanced technology verification (Proof of Concept)

    Advanced technology verification (Proof of Concept)

    We promote the planning, implementation, and evaluation of technical verification of advanced technologies such as ERP, BI, DWH, RPA, and IoT. We also help clients formulate concepts for corporate transformation based on PoC.

  • Image:Data analysis

    Data analysis

    We support data collection and database design, algorithm and modeling development, as well as the practical application of analysis results.

  • Image:Digital marketing

    Digital marketing

    We optimize marketing activities using digital data.

  • Image:Robotic process automation (RPA)

    Robotic process automation (RPA)

    We solve business and operational issues by optimizing business processes with advanced technologies such as RPA and AI.

  • Image:AI


    We help clients assess the applicability of artificial intelligence (AI) for their business, including practical considerations and implementation processes.

  • Image:Cloud integration

    Cloud integration

    We support the selection of cloud products based on optimal application configuration. We also offer user-oriented, low-cost, and high-speed solutions by introducing a coaching system centered around user training.

Support for AI introduction
Support for the planning and development of recommendation functions
Data-driven marketing promotion support
Discussion and formulation of a framework for RPA introduction
Establishment of guidelines for RPA introduction and operations
Formulation of RPA group deployment scheme
Identification of business fluctuations among different organizations based on workload data analysis
Strategic use of customer questionnaire for marketing
VOC analysis for marketing
Creation of IoT solution map

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