We participate in on-site operations from corporate management to the forefront of business to bring about changes and support the development of growth strategies, business development, introduction of IT, establishment of IT structures, operational reforms, and human resource development.

Business consulting

  • Image:Business development

    Business development

    We support new business development by assisting with everything from market research to the creation of concept designs and business plans for market entry.

  • Image:M&A


    We support your business with M&A strategies, synergy creation plans, and business DD for the integration of organizational and business processes after the establishment of M&As.

  • Image:Business Revitalization

    Business Revitalization

    We support your business by assisting with actions ranging from financial and business DD to the formulation of reform plans for business, operations, and organization, as well as participation in the implementation and monitoring of such plans.

  • Image:Formulation of customer strategies and changes in customer channels

    Formulation of customer strategies and changes in customer channels

    We support the definition and evaluation of customer contact functions in your business as well as the formulation and implementation of improvement and transition plans.

  • Image:Construction of management foundations

    Construction of management foundations

    We offer one-stop support in areas of management reform such as improving the efficiency of the budgeting process and increasing the sophistication of budget control and prospect management, as well as expanding our range of services from conceptual planning for ideal business management to structuring and operational design.

Contact center planning

IT consulting

  • Image:IT management support (IT owners consulting)

    IT management support (IT owners consulting)

    We support the formulation of strategies and IT road maps for IT departments, information security, and IT organizational management reforms, and provide sustainable structures and management capabilities.

  • Image:Support for IT implementation for project planning and introduction

    Support for IT implementation for project planning and introduction

    We offer one-stop support for IT implementation projects not only for task assignment analysis, formulation of basic concepts, creation of RFP, and vendor selection but also for the subsequent definition of requirements and project management.

  • Image:Support for new business transitions

    New business transitions

    We support the formulation of post-IT implementation operational transition and communication plans as well as behavioral changes among people in charge of new operations.

  • Image:ERP system implementation, operations, and operational support

    ERP system implementation, operations, and operational support

    Our experienced consultants in ERP implementation, operations, and maintenance will analyze current operations together with future goals to support the selection of optimal ERP. We also support the subsequent implementation of projects and the establishment of new businesses.

  • Image:IT development and construction of infrastructure

    IT development and construction of infrastructure

    We use cloud services and the latest technology to quickly build flexible systems and optimize installation and operational costs.

  • Image:IT outsourcing

    IT outsourcing

    We support our customers’ IT services as an IT partner from the perspectives of those working in the field and improve the competitiveness of their business through actions taken on-site.

HR consulting

  • Image:Business process performance measurement

    Business process performance measurement

    We establish key performance indicators (KPI) for each process and evaluate them in combination with input resources including working hours (man-hours) and IT investment to ensure a strong foundation for productivity improvements.

  • Image:Human resource development

    Human resource development

    We support changes among people and organizations across the full spectrum of activities and client needs, from designing a human resource development process to providing complete solutions such as assessment and training programs.

  • Image:e-Learning


    We support the design and development of e-learning content as well as the improvement of educational infrastructure (construction and operation of e-learning systems).

  • Image:Human resource development for process management

    Human resource development for process management

    We assist in the development of human resources (business analysts) to support process changes and the establishment of a process management promotion department through the promotion of training programs and operational improvement activities.

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