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Creation of IoT solution map

Support creation for IoT solution map to be used for management, sales, and R&D reviews


We discussed how to develop the company’s existing solutions and technologies, conducted research on the players, solutions, and key technologies in the IoT market, and organized them by category (manufacturing industry division, IoT component, value chain, etc.) to create an IoT solution map that could also be used as sales material for their clients.

Services provided by LTS

  • Clarification of targets in the solution map by sharing LTS’s know-how on IoT and the manufacturing industry and our customers’ know-how regarding ICT, as well as the issues faced by the client in organizing the value patterns created by the IoT
  • Reconstruction of messages extracted by collecting and organizing information from the perspectives of ① operational layer, ② solution layer, and ③ component layer for each target to create the IoT solution map

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